Why is there something rather than less?

Via the Soustraire subject (litterally : to subtract, to remove, to take or get [sb] off [sth],), I endeavour to analyse the various simplification processes or subtractive actions that can be used in design and apply on material, objects, uses, needs and so on. How can design erase, remove or discard elements instead of adding and complementing as it normally does? This research does not suggest going backwards, but try to question dominant lifestyles that are supersaturated and lead to resources depletion.

“I had three pieces of limestone on my desk, but I was terrified to find that they required to be dusted daily and threw them out the window in disgust.”

Henry David Thoreau, Walden

– 1.07-21.10 2018, CID du Grand-Hornu, Belgique – exhibition «Halte à la croissance», experimental project  Soustraire / une pénurie.
– 31.05-03.06 2018, Carreau du Temple, Paris – «Pure waste», group exhibition – curator COAL.
– 9.03-9.04 2017, Biennale Internationale Design, Saint-Étienne – experimental project Soustraire / les objets disparaissent.

– 13.02 2020, Master Design de la Transition, EESAB de Brest – cycle The Anthropocene Grid, talk Soustraire.
– 22.02 2019, Paris Design Summit – talk Soustraire, de la matière aux besoins.
– 15-18.01 2019, ENSA Limoges, for design object’s students – workshop Restituer le temps du workshop Soustraire.
– 17.11 2018, Forum Design de Paris – talk Soustraire, de la matière aux besoins.
– 16 & 19.10 2018, CID au Grand-Hornu, Belgique, for design object’s students – workshop Créer en pénurie.
– 21.10 2018 CID au Grand-Hornu, Belgique – round table Équiper la décroissance. with Paul Ariès, Lieven de Cauter, Pierre Echard, Mathilde Pellé and Laurent De Sutter.

– 2018, finalist Audi Talents – project Soustraire, d’aplomb.